We encourage elementary and secondary schools to participate. At 16.00 o’clock on June 23, there will be a special session for children, from 4 to 12 years old, their parents and teachers. Pupils who are older than 12 and their teachers are welcome at 13.30 or from 19:00 on.

Your school can help raise money for the charity of 2020. The challenge is to get as many “cosmic breathing” asana’s (serie of yoga postures) as possible sponsored by family and friends. The more “cosmic breathing” sponsored, the more we can donate at the chosen charity of 2020.  brain tumor Foundation. These “cosmic breathing” postures will actually be performed by all the participants on the mat that day.

Does your school wish to participate in this initiative? Go to the sponsor page or send an email to receive more information. Your school will then receive all the requirements needed to participate in this event. We will keep you informed on current developments through Facebook.