Foundation Good Life Yoga Maastricht

The foundation Good Life Yoga Maastricht (GLYM) is an initiative from Louke Bos.

Mission and Goals

The mission of GLYM is to increase awareness of the positive effects of yoga, especially among young people. GLYM wants to remove the stereotypes about yoga so that young people will experience the effects of yoga. GLYM wants to develop into a platform that helps every individual find its way to the yoga school that fits, not only in Maastricht, but in the entire South-Limburg region. Finally, GLYM wants to support research on the effects of yoga on (mental) health, and translate it to the public.

Our third goal is the organization of this yoga event on tuesday June 23 in Maastricht. You are welcome.


President Louke Bos

Secretary vacancy

Treasurer Wilfried Stribos

Louke Bos is a yoga teacher with a yoga studio yogalessismore where she teaches yoga to small groups with individual attention. Teenagers also find their way to the studio of yogalessismore. Louke also offers yoga classes on location for companies and students. Louke did the 4 year yoga teacher training at the Yoga Academy Vedante in Aalst, Belgium and is a member of the YFN and of the European Yoga Union. It was Louke’s wish for many years to organize this yoga event for Maastricht.

Good Life Yoga Maastricht is searching for a secretary. Please contact Louke Bos at if you are interested in this vacancy.

GLYM wants to thank Kim van Oorsouw for her big effort during the first yoga event of 2016.


Foundation Good Life Yoga Maastricht | Bergmansweg 60 | 6226AT Maastricht

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