Participation in today’s fast society can be demanding. We are continuously overburdened and over stimulated by our environment. Workload and performance pressure are generally high. Being constantly exposed to digital information, we are living distracted lives and do not live in the moment.

Our mind is working non-stop and it becomes harder and harder to find solitude is becoming increasingly difficult. This could lead to physical and emotional imbalance, which could manifest itself in irritability, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and physical complaints.

Yoga brings peace in our hectic lives. It is a process of becoming aware and being aware. Since thousands of years, yoga has helped people from all over the world to remain healthy and develop themselves.

Yoga helps you to find a good balance, between too much and too little, exercise and relaxation, strength and flexibility, breathing in and breathing out, to act or not to act. Through a combination of physical and breathing exercises, you reconnect with your body. You learn to interpret signs of stress, discomfort and tension and how to let go of them. Not only on the yoga mat. At the same time, you learn to rediscover the silence of the spirit. By relaxing mind and body, concentration increases and a healthy energy balance can be regained. By taking good care of yourself this way, you will experience a positive impact on your life. You will start to feel calmer, get the feeling that you will get more things done and feel more energetic. This offers additional room in your body, in your mind, and therefore in your life. Yoga makes you stronger, not only physically, but also emotionally. You learn to feel what is important for you in your life and where additional room is required.

The benefits 

  • Yoga poses (asana’s) decrease muscle tension, resulting in a flexible and lean body.
  • Yoga breathing exercises (pranayama) take away nervous tension and lead to improved breath control.
  • Yoga concentration and meditation reduce mental tension, improve your concentration and offer more focus