You can never start with yoga too young. Through yoga children learn to stay in contact with their body. Something that is very natural to children, but soon diminishes through the stimulation of the ratio at school and through devices such as tablets.

Yoga can help children to reinforce a positive self-image and to develop self-confidence. In child yoga the experiential world of children is used extensively. It makes them aware of their bodies, breathing, emotions and environment.

Yoga poses for kids often mimic our natural surroundings (e.g. animal yoga poses) and thereby stimulates their fantasy. Body posture and motor skills improve, as do concentration and relaxation.

Children are more than welcome at the Good Life Yoga Maastricht event. Registration is possible via the school of the child or via this link on the website. The time-schedule can be found here. Would your child like to continue practicing yoga? Please check the list of yoga schools for a suitable child yoga instructor in your area.